Lean Start Up

Teamwork Athletic Apparel is consistently looking for ways to enhance their learning’s and optimize their processes. In doing so, many Teamwork employees were given the “Lean Start-Up” Workshop. This work shop taught employees a handful of core values that many now implement in their everyday tasks and projects. The Lean-Start Up method consists of several techniques including the conception of the buzzword “lean”, and ways to develop businesses and products by utilizing a hypothesis driven experimentation and validated learning about customers. It provides a scientific approach to new product development, followed by business growth. The methods that were taught encouraged Teamwork employees in a highly significant manner.

One of the Lean techniques that have been operating effectively within Teamwork is the variations of “PIVOT”. Rather than tenaciously launching an idea and hoping for the best, we’ve learned to measure the responses and then opt to either pivot or persevere. This idea has become essential to Teamwork by creating a concept to eliminate the haze of incertitude and leading us to this company’s successful path and sustainable business.

Brianna Wagner, who is a current Teamwork employee in the Product Management department, says “Lean Start-Up taught me how to validate and invalidate data to focus on the most important aspects of my goals. It also prepared me to filter and make better decisions in regards to design according to what is higher or lower in value. “

Teamwork practices the Lean Startup approach to create order and avoid chaos. We will continue to reach broad uptake from customers, validate our learning’s, and build according to what we know before fully investing. As Giff Constable said, “Try to learn what you need to learn with the least work and time invested”.

Teamwork Athletic Apparel is a prominent manufacturer of team uniforms, outerwear, and fan wear for 12 of the world’s sports. Established in 1987, the privately-held, family owned business employs over 200 employees in San Marcos and 150 employees in our satellite office in Mexico. For more information on Teamwork Athletic Apparel, please call 1-800-333-6063 or visit www.teamworkathletic.com