KUSI Tech Tuesday

On August 22, 2017, Teamwork had the honor of hosting KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego. Field Reporter, Brad Perry, spoke with Owner Matt Leher and CEO Dave Caserta on Teamwork’s 30 year history and the innovative technology that has both Rapid Threads and the ProSphere brand thriving.

Live broadcasted from the warehouse in San Marcos, the segment combined “Tech Tuesday” and “Family Business Thursday” into one feature. In the first hit, Brad conversed with Leher on the roots of Teamwork Athletic Apparel. Leher explained how Teamwork began in the 80’s and went from 5 to 500 people over the course of the following 25 years. With 30 years under their belt, Teamwork has served and outfitted 15-20 million teams spanning over 14 different sports. He further described how the industry has shifted over the past few years, leaving Teamwork to re-invent the business and develop a technology that creates apparel through digitally quick technology. This lead to an explanation from Caserta on how the technology enables mass production to happen quickly and more efficiently, while also eliminating inventory.

Perry shifted the conversation and further spoke with Caserta on how the technology has led to an accumulation of over 12 million products featured on Amazon. Caserta described how the technology also gives a new business owner the opportunity to begin their own brand with no minimums and no set-up costs.

After teasing the KUSI Good Morning San Diego anchors with an exciting surprise, Perry revealed two shirts that were quickly sublimated behind the scenes with both of their faces. Anchors, Carlos Amezcua and Lisa Remillard, reacted with excitement and banter that brought a stimulating aspect of humor and fun to the segment.

Perry concluded the segment with an emphasis on Teamwork’s recent partnership with the MLBPA. This new partnership allows Teamwork to create gear for any and every player in the MLB. This partnership gives more than just the top few players on a roster a chance to be featured.

KUSI TV is licensed for the entire San Diego Designated Market Area (DMA) over-the-air on virtual channel 51 in High-Definition, as well as on all cable/DBS providers in High Definition. KUSI TV can be seen in a portion of the Los Angeles DMA through a relay station in the growing Inland Empire region of Riverside County. KUSI TV reaches an audience of 658,900 weekly.

For more details on the segment and to watch the entire interview, head to the “Media Kit” tab at the top of the TeamworkCorp website and click “Videos.”