Teamwork Athletic Apparel has provided uniforms and apparel for teams across America for 30 years.

Teamwork Athletic Apparel has provided uniforms and apparel for teams across America for 30 years. Now we can say it is because of our huge inventory of superior quality uniforms, our same day shipping program or industry leading patent technology, but that isn’t why Teamwork has lasted the span of several decades, it’s the people and our values.

Chuck and Nancy Lehrer are the founders of Teamwork Athletic Apparel. They originally ran a manufacturing sales firm focused on sporting goods, but when their supplier suddenly backed out, they decided to give manufacturing a try. The Lehrer’s haven’t looked back since launching their business in 1987. The Lehrer family values applied to Teamwork’s work environment is a major reason why so many employees spend their entire careers working here.

Teamwork has a family atmosphere. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to visit the Teamwork campus in California, you would have see bulletin boards with information ranging from ‘Jokes of the Week’ to work anniversaries. For example, on the board this month, people are celebrating 23, 16, 15 and 13 year anniversaries. “People are what makes this place a great environment to work” says Llyod Hammers, who has worked in General Services for 16 years. You will frequently see members of our executive team, which now include sons Matt and Andy Lehrer, walking the floor of the warehouse and attending employee appreciation lunches. It doesn’t matter who you run into here, any employee is guaranteed to exhibit the values of the Teamwork brand.

Teamwork is built on twelve core values: Bee Trustworthy, Bee Self-Aware, Bee Above & Beyond, Bee Respectful, Bee Inventive, Bee Proactive, Bee Positive, Bee Skilled, Bee Better, Bee Responsible, Bee Collaborative and Bee Unique! Whenever you interact with a Teamwork employee, you will notice they exhibit these qualities. This employee focused program inspires our people to not only treat each other better, but actually translates to Teamwork providing better customer service to you, the customer.

Teamwork Athletic Apparel is a manufacturer of team uniforms, outwear and fan wear for the world’s most popular sports, but we consider ourselves in the people business. We take community outreach seriously. Teamwork contributes to a number of different organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of San Marcos, Palomar College, The San Diego Blood Bank. Another example of Teamwork giving back is when a youth Lacrosse team in Seattle, Washington was left without jerseys because of a dispute with a local Screen Printing company, Teamwork came to the rescue and provided them with jerseys.

The family values instilled by Chuck and Nancy from the beginning are still alive and well in the company. Similar to our uniforms, which look great on the outside, Teamwork has lasted several decades because of what we are comprised of, high quality people.

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